About fromHELENA

fromHELENA is a Danish design company that manufactures interior products. We're probably best known for our wooden animals, that with an imaginative and humorous cut aims to contribute with joy and comfort in your home.

Our products are primarily made from wood (mostly oak) and leather, and we strive to make some beautiful, aesthetic and, not least, funny characters who can get the owner to think and laugh.

Danish design + made in Denmark

We love the Danish design traditions and are huge fans of many of the famous Danish designers. Therefore, it's also a virtue of ours to use Danish producers from start to finish in the production of our products.


The company was founded in 2014 by Helena From who holds a master in industrial design. Today, the business, in addition to Helena, consist of Tobias Kierk and they share the daily tasks of managing the webshop and business activities in both Danish and foreign retail stores.

Helena From Tobias Kierk

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Quality control

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Sales to offline stores
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