Little mr. Bulb, High Top Hat (Natural oak)

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In most lamps, the light bulb is either hidden or is only there due to practical reasons: providing light. The lamps from fromHELENA is more than a light source. With Little mr. Bulb it looks like the bulb is wearing a hat, and thus the light bulb works as both a light source and the head of the little guy. The lamp gives a humorous take on lighting combined with a stylish and timeless design which fits in a wide variety of interior designs. Danish design at its best!

Height: 9,2 cm / 3.6 inches
Width: 6,5 cm / 2.55 inches

Comes with socket (E27) and fabric covered cord, but without lightbulb. For the sake of keeping a stylish design, we recommend using a large (8-10 cm / 3-4 inches wide) lightbulb for Little mr. Bulb.